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Didgeridoo and Well Being

As one of the oldest and simplest instruments in the world, the didgeridoo has an enormous suggestive and emotional impact on the listener. From experience I can attest that all sorts of people have come to me after playing to talk about the effect that the sound had on them. From feeling strong vibrations in the stomach/pelvic region to being transported into a forest surrounded by a great calm, or wild forest animals. These and similar experiences often come from people who have heard the didgeridoo for the first time, without knowing anything about its origins, which I usually explain either during the concert or after I finish. As such they are direct and physical reactions to the music that they hear, and as we all know from when we were very young, music indeed has the capacity to induce such reactions.

Music has many roles in our life. From simple and joyful play, to the deep and solemn, meditative and emotive. Music has a directness that means that it mostly bypasses conscious processing and arrives directly in the human subconscious without encountering mental filters.

I believe that music possesses a great healing potential and as a consequence the modern/formalised discipline of music therapy has developed. However, it would not be audacious to say that music therapy has always existed in all cultures and since the first homo sapiens sapiens  and even our predecessors walked on this planet. Music therapy is thus an ancient therapeutic discipline. Encoded in play and ritualised for propagation of culture and collective memory. Music is therapy for those who play, those who listen, those who dance, and the didgeridoo as an organic instrument which has a direct impact on both player and listener, is an ideal instrument for this.

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