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Names – Feynman Diagrams and Didgeridoos

So, after some comments by a couple of friends of mine about a photo of the latest medusa, a very geeky physics joke (well, joke is maybe stretching it a bit as I am not sure how funny it really is) came to mind. Usually I just keep such things to myself but somehow this one got out. Anyway, here is another picture of the instrument,

Medusa model November - December 2010

Medusa model November - December 2010

and here is a picture of a Feynman diagram.

A Medusa Feynman diagram

Feynman diagram

So… What do you get when you cross a didgeridoo with a Feynman diagram?? My mate Florio suggested that it is a Feyndidge, a cute name indeed. So I am now confronted with a dilemma. Is my new musical instrument an Electric Medusa or a Feyndidge, or both, or neither. ..

Maybe the Feynman diagrams without closed circuits lead to Meduse (the Medusa diagram!). I still have a project to try some tunings with loops in the circuit and in that case the Medusa story (Electric Medusa = Collection of electric Serpents) does not really work anymore. They would certainly be Feyndidges:)

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